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RCTW – Blog #20 – FAQ Added to Website

Dear Tycoons, I would like to start this week’s blog by saying thank you! The response to the pre-order campaign has been overwhelming and we are so pleased to see how excited everyone is for the upcoming betas and launch of RollerCoaster Tycoon World! As the team is extremely busy prepping for the beta later

RCTW – Blog #19 – Release Date Announcement and Beta Access Info!

Dear Tycoons, It is a very exciting day for RollerCoaster Tycoon World. Today, we are proud to announce that our worldwide release date is December 10, 2015 on both PC and Linux-based systems! Also, we are announcing our RCTW pre-order program, which will give you access to our two prelaunch Beta weekends, allowing you to

RCTW – Blog #18 – Behind-The-Scenes Video and Six Flags Collaboration!

Hello Tycoons! Thank you all again for the amazing feedback, coverage and support we’ve received since PAX Prime. As always, it’s been great reading your comments on the forums with your suggestions for the game. What’s even more exciting is seeing your suggestions come to life in our internal builds! Today we’ll be presenting a

RCTW – Blog #17 – Thanks for the Awesome Ride at PAX PRIME 2015!

Now that our team is back from PAX Prime 2015, it’s time to recap some of the great news from the show! It was full of surprises for both fans and our developers.  From the Alienware sponsored Twitch stream of the game, to press interviews, and to exclusive demos with our Contest Winners – it was

RCTW – Blog #16 – PAX Plans and Contest!

Today we are pleased to announce our official PAX Prime 2015 plans, from August 28th – 31st in Seattle! As some of you may have seen in our recent press release, a special demo of RCTW will be available to play for all fans so if you are going to the convention be sure to

RCTW – Blog #15 – Post Gamescom Recap and Feature List Updates

The team is back from Gamescom and we are busier than ever so it’s time for a quick recap of recent events! As many of you have seen, press is being published from our interviews at the show and we are happy to see everyone enjoyed the game as much as we do. It was

RCTW – Blog #14 – Guest Art Blog with Nvizzio

RCTW – Blog #14 – Guest Art Blog with Nvizzio

Dear Fans, This week I’ll be doing things a bit differently on the blog. To give you more insight into our development process, I’ve invited one of our senior artists from Nvizzio, Steph, to write a guest blog on the method applied by the art team to go from a concept to a full in-game

RCTW – Blog #13 – Steam Workshop Support Announced!

Dear Fans, Thank you for all of the incredible and detailed feedback that you’ve provided us via our Forums, Facebook, Twitter, and more following my last blog. We have spent a lot of time analyzing your feedback, finding the top trends and requests, and consequently adjusting our production plans along the way to make sure

RCTW – Blog #12 – Nvizzio Creations Named Developer of RCTW

RCTW – Blog #12 – Nvizzio Creations Named Developer of RCTW

Dear Fans, As you have seen in my recent blogs and screenshot reveals, the future is bright and the ride to the finish is clear. One of the reasons for this is the new developer, Nvizzio Creations, whom we chose to work with a few months ago. They have brought fresh new ideas and expanded

RCTW – Blog #11 – In-Game Screenshot Reveal

RCTW – Blog #11 – In-Game Screenshot Reveal

Dear Fans, We’re just getting back from E3, after showing a number of Atari projects. We hope you are as excited as we are for the many great games coming out later this year – including RCTW! The development team is hard at work polishing our newly integrated milestone. This game is big and we