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RCTW – Post-Release Update #7: Medieval Theme Pack

Hark! The bugles sound the call of victory, for the fearsome Dragon has been smote and a great reward has been bestowed upon you, our faithful Tycoons: our MEDIEVAL PxP PACK! Our latest update includes over 67 new Medieval PxP pieces to bring your park to Olde Timey-life. As usual we also have a number

RCTW – Post-Release Update #6 – Asia PxP and More!

Spring is here, and with it comes even more fun in your park! With this update we are pleased to introduce some exciting new PxP offerings. Below you’ll find details on our brand-new Asia pack and new additions to our Sci-Fi pack. We’ve also included some Easter pieces to celebrate the season. Asia and Sci-Fi

RCTW – Post-Release Update #5 – Water Features!

Hello Tycoons, Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes a brand-new update for RCTW. With this update, we are providing several requested fixes and optimizations, along with some new PxP “water feature” items to provide you with even more customization opportunities for your park. Read on for more details, and thanks for

RCTW – Post-Release Update #4 – Valentine’s Day

Hello Tycoons, It’s time for a new production update! Love is in the air in this month’s patch, as we’ve added a number of romantic Valentine’s Day assets along with additional bug fixes. The full list of fixed issues is below. To accompany this update we have a couple of announcements. First, we would like

RCTW – Post-Release Update #3 – Unity 5.4!

Hello Tycoons, Happy 2017! Today, we are proud to announce our latest update which we know you have been eagerly awaiting. Our latest update focuses on RCTW’s upgrade to Unity 5.4, bringing a host of upgrades and performance boosts that will benefit the game as a whole. Overall, Unity 5.4 should improve performance and user

RCTW – Post-Release Update #2 – Whimsy Theme and Holiday Decorations!

Hello Tycoons, Happy Holidays from all of us at team RCTW! Today, we are proud to announce the release of our next update, chock full of new content including a new theme, a new camera and Holiday decorations, along with additional bug fixes and improvements. Read on for details! For this update, we’ve gone BIG!!!

RCTW – Post-Release Update #1

Hello Tycoons, Welcome to our first post-release update of RCTW, and thank you to all who have been playing and building parks since launch. In this update we have a plethora of fixes and optimizations to make the RCTW experience even better! Firstly, we’re excited to add a feature that many tycoons have requested: No


All aboard! Today is the day! RollerCoaster Tycoon World has exited Early Access and is NOW AVAILABLE in full release on Steam and RollerCoasterTycoon.com. We’re so excited to finally unveil the newly revamped and updated RCTW to you all. In addition to loads of performance improvements and tweaks, the full release of RCTW features our


Hello Tycoons! The time is now! We are excited to announce the official release date for RollerCoaster Tycoon World: Wednesday, November 16th, ahead of the upcoming Holiday season. It’s been a great ride and we can’t wait to finally present the new and improved RCTW to you all! Our November 16th release will include all


Hello Tycoons! Today we’re coming to you with some big, big news! As hinted before, we’re nearing the end of RollerCoaster Tycoon World’s Early Access period. Now, we’re ready to pull back the curtain to show some of what you can expect when we leave EA. We’re excited to reveal some new features that the