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RCTW – General Update and New Community Manager Welcome!

Dear Fans, Friends,

We would like to provide an update since our last post. We are deep into the optimization of the game and have a few tasks left before we can announce the release date. Our next blog will talk about optimization and those tasks we have left. We do not want you to believe that the attached screenshots (and upcoming in-game videos as well as other assets) are a distraction of the important issue, i.e. the release date; we do not want this to be a misperception. The only priorities currently on our agenda are delivering a high quality game and the few things left in order to get you a firm release date. We greatly appreciate your patience and continued support. Those of you at PAX South got to see RCTW in a good state, and we look forward to sharing it with everyone else very soon too!

Our community is important to us and we enjoy hearing from everyone so keep the comments coming! To make sure we can engage with our community on a consistent basis we are bringing a new community manager to the team. Without further ado, I would like to introduce “Nookriot” to you all! He is our new Community Manager here at Atari and is dedicated on RCT and the whole community around it. Nookriot is here for you. To talk to about RCT, to answer your questions, and most importantly, to listen. He will be active on all of our social media channels so feel free to reach out! Please welcome Nookriot to our community!

We are looking forward to the road ahead and of course the launch. Stay tuned for details in the very near future.

These are all in-game shots from a beautiful park made by one of our talented QA testers! He named the park – Adrenaline Meadows.

Adrenaline Meadows 6

Adrenaline Meadows 4


Adrenaline Meadows 2

Adrenaline Meadows 1

Adrenaline Meadows 7

Note: As an aside, this is from a recent build and please note that the lower number of peeps in the park is a direct result of current optimization work going on with game. We have to decrease the number while we optimize various systems before increasing it back to its max potential – filling the entire park!

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atariAdminRCTW – General Update and New Community Manager Welcome!