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RCT Touch – Canada Day!

Canada Day is July 1st and we’re celebrating with promotions all week! Canada’s 153rd birthday is coming up, so for a limited time get 153 tickets, 153 copies of the Canada Flag decoration, and the brand new legendary FIREWORKS decoration, all for only $2.99. Visit the store today!

RCT Touch – Six Flags Season 5!

Hello Tycoons, our new update is LIVE! Six Flags Season 5 is here! Download the new update today and start building! – Collect 7 new Six Flags items! Royalty comes to your park with the arrival of the world’s TALLEST coaster – Kingda Ka! Find the Station, Train, and Blueprint for your Accelerator Coaster. And

RCT Touch – Easter Season!

Hop to it! Easter, the sweetest season is now LIVE! Collect and upgrade Easter Cards for bonuses and rewards, and don’t forget to find Easter Bunnies hiding around the park! Read on for a full list of updates. Thanks for playing! – Easter Season is here, and full of sweet surprises! – Collect 33 Easter

RCT Touch – Valentine Update!

Hello Tycoons! Our romantic Valentine Season is NOW LIVE! Spread the love with a host of romantic new attractions, and our new Corporations system! Make sure to update your game to our latest release on the App Store and Google Play. – Collect 33 Valentine cards, including the NEW Macaron restaurant and Mirror Maze ride.

RCT Touch – Holiday Update!

Our new Holiday Season is now LIVE! The new update brings you a load of Holiday cheer, including new festive buildings, new seasonal music, new loading screen, fun new tweaks to the Seasonal event and much more! – RCT Touch’s Holiday Season starts December 19th! – Santa’s coming to town with a bag filled with

RCT Touch – Six Flags Holiday in the Park

The most magical time of the year has come early! Six Flags Holiday in the Park has arrived in RCT Touch! Build the mind blowing Titan hyper coaster and let your guest sled down the wintry Snow Hill ride. Customize your park with special cheery decorations including the S’mores Pit and Giant Holiday in the

RCT Touch – Six Flags Season 2!

Our Update is now live, and Six Flags is back and better than ever! The thrills of Six Flags and the horror of Fright Fest® are now available in RCTT! Add hair raising excitement to your park with the spine-tingling Skull Mountain. Decorate your park with spooky zombies and demons. Open Six Below, the new

RCT Touch – Six Flags Update!

We are extremely proud to release our brand-new Seasonal Event with Six Flags! We’re partnering with the legendary theme park brand to bring real-life Six Flags rides into RCT Touch. Our first update brings the fearsome Tatsu coaster and exhilarating Spinsanity ride, along with genuine Six Flags shops, restaurants, and decorations. This is just the

RCT Touch – Quality of Life Update!

Hello Tycoons, and welcome to Update 32! In our latest release, you’ll find a number of new quality of life improvements – a new Company Value menu, a collapsible HUD to give you a better view of your park, and helpful info bubbles to shed more light on our different game modes. And as always,

RCT Touch – Water Park Updates!

With our latest Easter Update, we made a number of changes to the Water Park. The tweaks were done to make progression more accessible and fun for all our players. This is just part one of a larger revamp of the Water Park! Read on for the full list of changes: Building Changes: For this