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RCTW – Post-Release Update #5 – Water Features!

Hello Tycoons,

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes a brand-new update for RCTW. With this update, we are providing several requested fixes and optimizations, along with some new PxP “water feature” items to provide you with even more customization opportunities for your park.

Read on for more details, and thanks for playing RCTW!

New Content Pieces


  • Pools and Fountain Pack – The pack contains 38 fountain pieces (called the “Fountain” Pack) and 6 new lights (added to the “Modern” Pack)
  • Basic Water Pools/Puddles for use in conjunction with other scenery items.
  • Water VFX taken from fountains (dripping water, jets, splash effects, etc.)


Sandbox – Limited Money Toggle

  • We have added an additional toggle for those players who would like to create a Sandbox park with all items unlocked, but want the challenge of limited money. You can toggle this on when creating a new sandbox map to play.

HUD Updates for Specialty Track Pieces

  • Mechanisms Update – We have made adjustments to the Coaster Mechanisms tab. All mechanisms are now displayed at once, instead of having to scroll through icons.
  • Specialty Pieces Update:
    • List now displays 9 thumbnails at once.
    • Easier navigation.
    • Each thumbnail now shows an easier to read real track preview option.
    • The Build button is now next to the Specialty thumbnails.

Bug Fixes

  • Coasters: Pre-built coasters cannot be opened if funds are lacking.
  • Coasters: Coasters: The Mechanisms tab should be swapped with the Specialty pieces.
  • Crash: Game hangs when going back from the Main Menu after starting the Building Rides tutorial.
  • Crash: Game hangs when loading Dusty Dunes sandbox save 1.
  • General: The first ESC press should dismiss the previewed object (like the right click)
  • General: The green circle where you can place scenery to influence excitement/theme only covers about half the ride on both Downtown Traffic and Bugmania Whimsy Rides.
  • General: Whimsy Rides influence areas has been increased.
  • Path: Path Repaint & Queue coloring polish
  • Patrols: Moving staff employee’s building will reset all employee’s behavior from assigned patrol areas to free roam.
  • Patrols: Mechanics’ current action in the Employees tab reads “Walking” when they are fixing a ride.
  • PXP: Changing the color of the Whimsy Lights only changes the light emanating from them.
  • Theme: Sci Fi Entertainer Helmet Fix.
  • Theme: Whimsy PxP color updates on lights
  • Theme: Optimizations and bug fixes for Valentine assets
  • UI: Add Limited Money Toggle.
  • UI: Re-generate icons for all the specialty pieces of the Coaster Builder
  • Unity 5.4: Sci-fi Entertainer helmet is not see through.
Mark PerloffRCTW – Post-Release Update #5 – Water Features!