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RCTW – Post-Release Update #6 – Asia PxP and More!

Spring is here, and with it comes even more fun in your park! With this update we are pleased to introduce some exciting new PxP offerings. Below you’ll find details on our brand-new Asia pack and new additions to our Sci-Fi pack. We’ve also included some Easter pieces to celebrate the season. Asia and Sci-Fi pieces can be found within the PxP menu in-game, and Easter items are split across the scenery menu. As usual we also have a number of fixes and optimizations as part of this update. Read on for more details, and thanks for playing RCTW!



New Content Pieces


  • Asia Theme PxP Pack – 39 total pieces
  • Asian Rock Wall
  • Asian Wood Wall
  • Temple Half Wall
  • Temple Open Wall
  • Temple Support Wall
  • Temple Windowed Wall
  • Asian Wood Half Wall
  • Temple Closed Façade
  • Temple Open Façade
  • Temple Support Entrance
  • Temple Wall
  • Asian Flat Roof
  • Asian Short Roof Corner
  • Asian Tall Roof
  • Asian Tall Roof Inverted Corner
  • Asian Short Roof
  • Asian Short Roof Inverted Corner
  • Asian Tall Roof Corner
  • Asian Timber Floor
  • Stone Block Floor
  • Rock Floor
  • Wooden Panel Floor
  • Asian Bench
  • Asian Railing End
  • Asian Railing Fill
  • Asian Spire
  • Asian Stone Steps
  • Asian Tree
  • Asian Wooden Beam
  • Golden Dragon Statue
  • Large Asian Brazier
  • Standing Asian Lantern
  • Stone Foundation Block
  • Wooden Column
  • Asian Door
  • Paper Lantern
  • Asian Wall Lantern
  • Temple Windowed

Space Colony Sci-Fi Themed PxP Pack – 6 pieces


  • Space Colony Neon Floor
  • Space Colony Foundation Block
  • Space Colony Neon Frame
  • Space Colony Industrial Rail
  • Space Colony Industrial Rail Corner
  • Space Colony Industrial Roof

Easter Scenery – 12 pieces


  • Egg Trash Bin
  • Egg Hunt Fence
  • Easter Fence
  • Easter Fence End
  • Carrot Top
  • Rabbit Statue
  • Purple Tulip
  • Yellow Tulip
  • Red Tulip
  • Pink Tulip
  • Garden Arch Ride Sign
  • Garden Lamp



  • Crash: Game crashes when user places some PxP pieces, then placing some PxP stalls and going back to the PxP menu.
  • Crash: A nulref was observed hanging the game on the Main Menu.
  • Crash: Game can hang on for several minutes on the Main Menu.
  • General: Move loading weight away from the Main Menu.
  • Main Menu: Asset creation for Main Menu.
  • VFX: The water PxP VFX do not show up if the game is paused before selecting VFX on.
  • VFX: Split or remove the ground effect from the dripping water effects.
atariAdminRCTW – Post-Release Update #6 – Asia PxP and More!