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RCTW – Post-Release Update #7: Medieval Theme Pack

Hark! The bugles sound the call of victory, for the fearsome Dragon has been smote and a great reward has been bestowed upon you, our faithful Tycoons: our MEDIEVAL PxP PACK! Our latest update includes over 67 new Medieval PxP pieces to bring your park to Olde Timey-life. As usual we also have a number of fixes and optimizations include in this update. Read on for more details, and playeth RCTW today!


New Content Pieces – Medieval Theme PxP Pack – 67 total pieces

Walls (13 Total Pieces)

  • Fortress Arch
  • Fortress Closed Façade
  • Fortress Façade
  • Fortress Half Wall
  • Fortress Rampart Half Section
  • Fortress Rampart Section
  • Fortress Rampart Wall
  • Fortress Wall
  • Medieval Half Arch
  • Medieval Wooden Closed Façade
  • Medieval Wooden Half Wall
  • Medieval Wooden Open Façade
  • Medieval Wooden Wall

Roofs (16 Total Pieces)

  • Medieval Flat Tile Roof
  • Medieval Flat Wooden Roof
  • Medieval Tile Inverted Roof Corner
  • Medieval Tile Inverted Tall Roof Corner
  • Medieval Tile Roof
  • Medieval Tile Roof Corner
  • Medieval Tile Round Roof
  • Medieval Tile Round Tall Roof
  • Medieval Tile Tall Roof
  • Medieval Tile Tall Roof Corner
  • Medieval Wooden Inverted Roof Corner
  • Medieval Wooden Inverted Tall Roof Corner
  • Medieval Wooden Roof
  • Medieval Wooden Roof Corner
  • Medieval Wooden Tall Roof
  • Medieval Wooden Tall Roof Corner

Tiles (2 Total Pieces)

  • Fortress Decorative Floor
  • Fortress Floor

Extras (26 Total Pieces)

  • Fortress Column
  • Fortress Corner
  • Fortress Corner Large
  • Fortress Curved Wall
  • Fortress Curved Wall Large
  • Fortress Decorative Column
  • Fortress Half Arch Large
  • Fortress Pillar
  • Fortress Small Arch
  • Fortress Tower Top
  • Fortress Tower Top Large
  • Fortress Wall Trim
  • Fortress Windowed Corner
  • Fortress Windowed Corner Large
  • Medieval Balustrade
  • Medieval Corner Balustrade
  • Medieval Fortress Short Trim
  • Medieval Fortress Trim
  • Medieval Guard Room
  • Medieval Hanging Sign
  • Medieval Road Post
  • Medieval Suit of Armor
  • Medieval Weathervane
  • Medieval Well
  • Medieval Wooden Beam
  • Medieval Wooden Column

Deco & Lights (10 Pieces)

  • Medieval Glass Window
  • Medieval Small Wall Vine
  • Medieval Square Glass Window
  • Medieval Thin Glass Window
  • Medieval Torch
  • Medieval Wall Hanging Vine
  • Medieval Wall Vine
  • Medieval Windmill
  • Medieval Wooden Door
  • Medieval Wooden Window



  • Crash: – Game hangs when selecting the PxP Miniature Maze Prefab.
  • Crash: – Clicking on a Peep that purchased from a deleted souvenir shop or food stand causes a freeze.
  • Crash: – Game will hang once the user has clicked on modify path, the finance tab and the heatmap.
  • General: – Replicate keyword filtering feature to relevant placement tools.
  • General: – The word filtering does not reset when changing category.
  • General: – Grouping and moving groups are not working as designed.
  • General: – Loans can be repaid without the necessary amount of money.
  • PxP: – PxP Deco & Lights pieces do not show a degree of rotation when rotated.
  • PxP: – 3 of the Sci-fi PxP are missing display images.
  • PxP: – Editing a PxP building and then opening the PxP Buildings menu causes the game to freeze.
  • Scenery: – The Pink tulip scenery does not highlight when selected.
Mark PerloffRCTW – Post-Release Update #7: Medieval Theme Pack