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RCT Touch – Easter Season!

Hop to it! Easter, the sweetest season is now LIVE! Collect and upgrade Easter Cards for bonuses and rewards, and don’t forget to find Easter Bunnies hiding around the park! Read on for a full list of updates. Thanks for playing!

– Easter Season is here, and full of sweet surprises!
– Collect 33 Easter cards, including the NEW Hard-Boiled Egg fast food restaurant and the shiny Jeweled Egg thrill ride!
– For this Seasonal Event, upgrade Easter cards to boost your Peep Count and Entrance Revenue and to claim each milestone rewards. – Reach the final milestone to obtain The Butterfly Garden Family ride, a Legendary ride that never breaks!
– And don’t forget that you can earn seasonal cards by playing the “Find The Bunny Entertainer” minigame!
– Corporation’s Jukebox now produce more Corp. Coins.

atariAdminRCT Touch – Easter Season!