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RCT Touch – Easter Update!

Hello Tycoons, and welcome to our Easter Update! We’re bringing out the pastels and Easter Eggs to add some springtime cheer to your park! Easter also comes with a new park hub and surroundings, Easter rides, a brand-new LEGENDARY BUILDING, some new changes to the Water Park and Seasonal Events, and more! Read on for a full list of updates.

  • Easter is here! Chocolate and Easter Eggs are everywhere!
  • Find, collect and upgrade 31 new Easter-themed cards before the end of the Season.
    Easter Cards include: 1 ride, 1 shop, 1 food stand, the Bunny entertainer, 3 colors, 9 decorations, and Easter-themed trains and stations.
  • Collect all 9 Easter decorations before the end of the season to unlock the Easter fence.
    New Easter-themed visuals for Park Hub and park surroundings
  • Season Event Re-balance: Seasonal Card drop rate is consistent over all player levels, and total amount of upgrades to complete Seasonal Event is reduced.
  • New Legendary building – The Butterfly Garden! This fun family ride has PERMANENT durability. No more breakdowns!
  • New Scenario – Mini Coaster Canopy! Thrill your peeps, but don’t waste their time. Build coasters with short in lengths but high in excitement.
  • Water Park Re-balance – we’ve made some tweaks to the Water Park to help players progress more quickly! Changes include:

Aquacoins rewarded for completing scenarios
Prices reduced for placing rides, shops and restaurants
Storage increased for rides, shops and restaurants
Access to more copies of rides, shops and restaurants
Max capacity of rides, shops and restuarants reduced
Water Park pack Aquacoin amount reduced
Total decoration limit lowered

atariAdminRCT Touch – Easter Update!