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RCT Touch – Foodgod Update!!

Hope you’re hungry! The latest update to RCT Touch is LIVE! We’ve partnered with food lover and social media star @JonathanCheban, aka Foodgod, to provide a brand-new gastronomic experience in RCT Touch. In this update, you’ll find 6 new foodstands representing Foodgod’s love of all things decadent, gooey and delicious! Also, in a first for the game, we’ve added the LEGENDARY restaurant – Foodgod’s Palace. This over-the-top food court satisfies ALL food types. Read on for a full list of patch notes.

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  • We’re honored to host a very special guest in the Park: the Foodgod himself, Jonathan Cheban!
  • A lover of all things gooey, decadent and delicious, the Foodgod is bringing his signature gastronomic style to 7 brand-new food outlets: 6 delicious foodstands and 1 LEGENDARY restaurant. Collect them all!
  • Foodgod’s legendary restaurant – the brand-new Foodcourt – has the unique ability to satisfy all food types!
  • 3 new Foodgod color cards added: Raspberry Sauce, Blue Cotton Candy and Neon Mint! Find the Foodgod cards in card packs, or check the shop to buy the complete Foodgod collection.
  • New Scenario: Foodie Fair! Maximize your revenue and satisfy your peeps with premium food quality.
  • The last card upgrade level in a Scenario now has a bigger impact.
  • Color customization is now available in the Water Park.
  • Misc bug fixes.
atariAdminRCT Touch – Foodgod Update!!