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RCT Touch – Holiday Update!

HO HO HO! The Holiday Season is BACK! Frolic in a brand-new snowy park environment and main hub, and delight your peeps with Winter-themed decorations and attractions. We’ve also added some brand-new goodies, including the new legendary Gift Tree and much more. Read on for our full list of updates, and thank you for playing!

  • Collect 31 exclusive Holiday cards, including an epic ride, a shop, a restaurant, 14 coaster parts, 3 seasonal colors, and the Snowman Entertainer!
  • Collect every Holiday decoration before the end of the Season to unlock the Holiday fence.
  • Level up your Holiday cards to trigger additional revenue & peep boosts for your park!
  • We’re introducing a new legendary building: the Gift Tree, an animated decoration boosting the coin generation for rides within its range.
  • New Scenario: Fun over Food! Your supplier is late with your food delivery. Keep the focus on fun so your peeps won’t notice that there’s less food available.
  • Complete the new Scenario to win up to 3 new ride skins.
  • Friend Gifts Holiday Frenzy! During the Holiday Season, rewards in all friend gifts are significantly increased.
  • Fix of a bug preventing the lifeguard and security guard from continuously generating hearts.
  • Fix of a bug with Facebook connection preventing players from transferring their game onto a new device.
  • Misc bug fixes.
atariAdminRCT Touch – Holiday Update!