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RCT Touch – Quality of Life Update!

Hello Tycoons, and welcome to Update 32! In our latest release, you’ll find a number of new quality of life improvements – a new Company Value menu, a collapsible HUD to give you a better view of your park, and helpful info bubbles to shed more light on our different game modes. And as always, we have a brand new Scenario – THE SMALL MARVEL! Read on for details…. and be on the lookout for a *BIG* update coming to the game in June!

• Company Value: Your Main Park Value, Water Park Value, and Medal Value will be combined to form your overall Company Value. Each value, and everything that factors into it, will be view-able through the Park Hub.

• Info Bubble for Game Modes: Help buttons will give more information about each game mode and what types of rewards they give.

• Collapsible HUD: HUD and menus are now collapsed by default, leaving more room for players to get a better view of their park, while clearing some space for future functionalities.

• New Scenario: The Small Marvel! A worldwide competition is underway to build the perfect, minimal park. Try to get a park with 100 Satisfaction using as few buildings as possible.

atariAdminRCT Touch – Quality of Life Update!