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RCT Touch – Six Flags Season 2!

Our Update is now live, and Six Flags is back and better than ever! The thrills of Six Flags and the horror of Fright Fest® are now available in RCTT!

Add hair raising excitement to your park with the spine-tingling Skull Mountain. Decorate your park with spooky zombies and demons. Open Six Below, the new ice cream shop, for your park guests to enjoy.

Complete weekly challenges to get all the new Six Flags Fright Fest attractions including the Undead Hand decoration complete with the Fright Fest sign and the Six Flags Orange Flag. Read on for our full list of updates:

  • Six Flags Season 2! Halloween comes early with some truly terrifying attractions celebrating Six Flags’ Fright Fest!
  • 5 new buildings and decorations to collect! Skull Mountain, Six Below, Demon Rock, Undead Hand, and the Six Flags Orange Flag!
  • The Six Flags Event System returns! Complete Weekly Challenges to earn Six Flags assets, and gain special currency to spin a wheel for fabulous prizes
  • New Scenario “Small but Durable”- Your park has a contract with a new supplier that offers rides that don’t break down for a long time. The catch is they hold half the peeps the previous models did. The goal for the 3 ranks are based on Peep count and Revenue Per Hour. Rewards based on performance include Coins, Tickets, Aquacoins, Experience Points and Skins
    • Skin Rewards:
      • Bronze: Western skin for the Fortune Teller.
      • Silver: Adventure skin for the Tornado
      • Gold: Classic skin for the Twisted Twizzler
  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements
atariAdminRCT Touch – Six Flags Season 2!