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RCT Touch – Six Flags Update!

We are extremely proud to release our brand-new Seasonal Event with Six Flags! We’re partnering with the legendary theme park brand to bring real-life Six Flags rides into RCT Touch. Our first update brings the fearsome Tatsu coaster and exhilarating Spinsanity ride, along with genuine Six Flags shops, restaurants, and decorations. This is just the first of multiple planned Six Flags updates in the coming months.

You can purchase the new Six Flags pack from our shop, or earn Six Flags content through our new-and-improved Seasonal Event system. Complete Weekly Challenges to earn a brand-new currency, Six Flags coins, and unlock Six Flags rides. Spend Six Flags coins at the new Season casino wheel for a chance to win fabulous prizes. Complete all 4 Weekly Challenges to earn a special Six Flags flag. Collect all the flags to unlock an extra special achievement.

New Features and Content:

  • Six Flags event! 4 new Six Flags-branded buildings (Tatsu, Spinsanity, Primo’s Pizzeria, Coaster Candy)
  • 5 new Six Flags-branded decorations, and new Six Flags park entrance (coming soon on iOS)
  • Six Flags Card pack available in the shop
  • New Seasonal Event System: Complete Weekly Challenges to earn Six Flags assets, and gain special Six Flags currency to spin a wheel for fabulous prizes
  • New scenario: The Buffet! Fit as many restaurants as possible into this unique park layout.
  • Corporation Closed Beta (more info coming soon!)

atariAdminRCT Touch – Six Flags Update!