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RCTW – Blog #18 – Behind-The-Scenes Video and Six Flags Collaboration!

Hello Tycoons!

Thank you all again for the amazing feedback, coverage and support we’ve received since PAX Prime. As always, it’s been great reading your comments on the forums with your suggestions for the game. What’s even more exciting is seeing your suggestions come to life in our internal builds! Today we’ll be presenting a very special “behind-the-scenes” video and talking about features.


We want to give you all a peek behind the curtain of RCTW, so we are very happy to present a “making of” video, highlighting our development process, the team and some of the new key features and innovations you will have at launch. You’ll get a view into the work and thoughts of the impassioned people that are bringing your ideas to life (including me!).

We are also happy to announce a very exciting collaboration on this project with Six Flags, the world’s largest regional theme park company! Six Flags is home to some of the most innovative rides and coasters in the world, and we wanted to make sure our team had access to that amazing technical expertise. With RCTW it’s all about the details, and who better to guide us and answer questions than the very people making real world rides themselves?

One last note – some of the game clips you’ll see are not yet fully optimized. Obviously for launch, gameplay will be optimized and framerates will be silky smooth, but we wanted to give you a glimpse today from our development build of the parks you’ll be able to create with RCTW. In other words, we wanted to show you more of RCTW NOW (with the framerate still to be optimized) rather than later. ENJOY!


As seen on our website, Facebook page and forums, we have announced a number of amazing new features for the game. Many of these were unveiled at PAX, including the powerful coaster builder, 4K UHD graphics, ride and coaster realism, and native Steam Workshop / UGC support.

Now, let’s address your questions regarding features – what will be available at launch, versus what will be added via free updates post-launch. So far, with the exception of some minor features, everything the community has asked for will be included in the game. However, in regards to the release of these features, we want to have a product that is fully polished at launch. This means that some of these features will be released as free updates post-launch – including darkrides, tunnels, and transport rides – once they are truly finished and optimized.

We intend for RCTW to set a new bar for themepark simulation, and to be a game that is played for a long, long time.  We owe it to you all to present a robust, content-rich, and fully polished game at launch that can be updated and improved for years to come.


One last note – we know what you all want to hear. Coming soon on our blog topic list is info on our street date, pre-order plans, and Beta! Until then, thanks again for being a part of the RCTW community!

Executive Producer of RCTW

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atariAdminRCTW – Blog #18 – Behind-The-Scenes Video and Six Flags Collaboration!