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RCTW – Blog #26 – Happy Thanksgiving from Team RCTW!

Dear Tycoons,

As we head into the Holiday weekend, we want to give you all a quick RCTW update. The team at Nvizzio is hard at work refining RollerCoaster Tycoon World, with a focus on the updated features we laid out in previous blogs – new coaster builder, improved coaster feedback, improved fence tools and an on-demand grid. The piece-by-piece coaster builder is coming together brilliantly and acts as a great complement to our free-form coaster tool. We can’t wait for you to try it for yourself!

And speaking of trying RCTW for yourself – each day we get one step closer to our next preview weekend! We’ll have an announcement with the exact timing of the preview once we are fully ready and confirmed, along with a list of features you can expect to see. This updated build will incorporate the new systems YOU have requested.

Many of the updated features are already working but are now undergoing testing and feedback cycles internally at the studio. Once we get through this phase along with a little extra polish we will be ready to share more info publicly.

As always, we’re committed to incorporating your feedback and providing the world class RCT experience you deserve. The success of the game hinges on support from our most devoted fans, so we’re so excited to show you how RCTW has progressed since the first Beta. Thank you again for your dedication and excitement for RCTW throughout the roller coaster ride of game development.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Holiday,


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atariAdminRCTW – Blog #26 – Happy Thanksgiving from Team RCTW!