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RCTW – Early Access dev blog #1 – The Park Has Opened!

Hello Tycoons!

Welcome to the park! It’s only been a few hours, and we’re already so excited to see the amazing parks being created!

We have reviewed your first comments and would love to share with you some of our priorities, game highlights and current works in progress, along with addressing some of your questions.

Game Settings

When you load the game, the graphic settings appropriate to your PC configuration will be automatically adjusted for you. Since all PC configurations are unique, we encourage you to personalize those further in the graphic option menu to have the best possible game experience.


After finalizing your settings, the Campaign mode is where you should start. It includes an extensive tutorial to teach you the basics of the game. Along with tutorials, the Campaign mode features progressive objectives guiding you to build a successful park.

The Coaster Builder

It is great fun to see you what you’ve already created with our Coaster Builder. Following our Beta preview, we decided to blend the best of our spline-based freeform editing tool with a new segment mode. We have built new specialty segments to help ease the creation of more sophisticated RollerCoasters. It has certainly changed a lot since you played last fall!! Thank you to all our fans for all your feedback – you have really helped us in making the coaster builder more user friendly.

Our list of current priorities and works in progress for our coaster builder is below:

  • Improving the coaster builder User-Experience
  • Improving the coaster grid
  • Refining the coaster cam
  • Improving the balancing of the coaster generated stats (Excitement, Intensity, Nausea & Safety).
  • New coaster type
  • Additional specialty segments.

User Generated Content

This is so exciting! We are overwhelmed with the first reactions to our User Generated Content system. You all are creating some awesome scenery items for all of us to use.

UGC is definitely a main focus of the game and we’re already seeing some great success with the system. Of course, we need more of your feedback to help us enhance the experience.

Here is our list of current priorities and works in progress for our UGC System:

  • Expanded thumbnails to allow easy browsing of the multitude of assets created by the community. This will encourage our Modding community to create even more content without limitations.
  • Improved flow and UX


In the last months, we have been focusing on creating all the systems needed for modern game simulation, but we kept the foundations of what made the previous RollerCoaster games so enjoyable. Players of the previous games will feel right at home.

Here is our list of current priorities and works in progress for Simulation:

  • Balancing and refining the simulation
  • New themes and additional peep behaviors

With all the systems now in place our daily objective is to fine-tune the balancing of the game and the overall experience. The park is also filled with an unprecedented number of Peeps who are reacting to rides, coasters, restaurants and shops. New peep behaviors are continuing to be worked on and animations will be polished over time. Our objective is to provide the most detailed and immersive park simulation the franchise has ever had.


In addition to the Campaign, you also have access to our first 3 scenarios. We would love to hear what you think of them! We have several scenarios in progress and they will be released within the next few game updates.

Your feedback on Campaign progression and scenario difficulty will give us opportunities to tweak and adjust the overall game progression.


In Sandbox mode, you can access all the game content right from the start. You also have the option to play with infinite money, allowing you to immediately build the most beautiful park ever!

Here is our list of current priorities and works in progress in our Sandbox mode:

  • Additional and New themes over time
  • Additional Flat Rides
  • More scenery items
  • Path improvements
  • Terrain deformation improvements

We look forward to receiving your comments and feedback. Let’s make RollerCoaster Tycoon World the best in the series together.

See you in the park!


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