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Hello Tycoons! Today we’re coming to you with some big, big news!

As hinted before, we’re nearing the end of RollerCoaster Tycoon World’s Early Access period. Now, we’re ready to pull back the curtain to show some of what you can expect when we leave EA. We’re excited to reveal some new features that the team has been working on behind-the-scenes – based off your feedback – for months! Now at the cusp of our full release, we’re showcasing these exciting new innovations for the first time to give an inside look into what’s in store at launch.

Below you’ll find highlights of our upcoming new features, along with a new video showcasing our Piece-by-Piece builder, and a note on saved games. Be sure to follow along on the blog as we’ll continue to reveal some exciting news, including our LAUNCH DATE(!!), very soon.


New Progression Mode!

When we leave EA, you’ll be treated to a BRAND-NEW park building gameplay experience. This has been a long-term project for our team and one we’re SUPER excited to finally reveal. Instead of the “Scenarios” found in the current game, you will have a new mission-based campaign system, giving you dozens of engaging and increasingly tricky missions over 3 world maps, with multiple objectives and playstyle options. As you complete these missions, you’ll be granted Research Points, which can then be used to unlock over 100 new scenery items. Those items will then be available for you in the Sandbox builder. Along with the core Sandbox building experience, this new progression system gives players a whole new way to interact with RCTW. We can’t wait for you to try it!


New Peeps!
Welcome to Peeps 2.0. Based off of your feedback and diligent work of our artists, we’ve completely revamped and remodeled every peep in the game. Your park will now be populated with a diverse and vibrant collection of dynamic peeps – riding rides, buying cotton candy, and having the time of their lives. (Or cowering in terror / buckled over with nausea – your choice!) Additionally, as you make your way through our new progression mode, you’ll be meeting some of our VIPeeps – special peeps full of personality and style, who will have some very specific needs. Fulfill their needs and your park will be granted additional fame, making it all the more popular!

New User Interface!

The entire main menu and User Interface has been reworked, offering a streamlined, seamless navigation experience. Now you can quickly jump back into your saved parks, create a new park, check out the most popular items currently available in the Social Hub, and see how many people are downloading and rating your own shared creations. Finding your way through RCTW and quickly getting where you want to be has never been easier!


Performance and Path Improvements!

We’ve made significant progress over the past months improving our pathing system and overall game performance. As we leave EA you’ll notice jumps in framerate, decreased load times, and a much more seamless path placement experience.

Video Featuring the Piece-by-Piece Builder!

We’d also like to take some time to focus on another newly implemented game feature – Piece-by-Piece building! Our PxP builder offers players unlimited creative control over the design and layout of their park. Let your imagination run wild as you create themed structures from our Sci-Fi, Western, Adventure, or General themes. We made a short overview video to show how YOU can jump into PxP building and start creating your own unique structures today!

Saved Games – Prepare Now to Leave Early Access

Lastly, as we transition out of Early Access we want to encourage all current players to save blueprints of their coasters, PxP items and grouped elements, and other creations. Any item you save as a blueprint will be saved as we transition from Early Access to full release, but due to the massive progression and technical updates coming to the full release, your saved games from Early Access will not carry over to the full release version of RCTW. Make sure to start backing up your work now!

Click here for a guide to saving your Blueprints!

We wanted to thank you all again for joining us on this journey, and hope you’ll continue on the ride with us in the future as we update and improve RCTW. We’ve made enormous strides since first entering EA, and we have your invaluable input to thank for that. Keep watching here for our official launch date announcement. Until then – see you in the park!

– Team RCTW


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