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RCTW – Early Access dev blog #2 – Day 1 feedback

Hello Tycoons,
We wanted to touch base with you on the first comments we have received in the first 24 hours, and share with you some of the immediate priorities we are addressing straightaway:

1- Graphical quality – Please adjust your settings as indicated below

Thank you for all your constructive feedback on the graphic settings of the game. We will try to address some of your questions and concerns in the following explanations. We hope the follow will help clarify a few points.

Note 1:
Some of you seem to experience lower than expected graphic quality. We believe this is due to our automatic graphic adjustment system. This system was implemented to automatically improve the frame-rate performance depending on your PC configurations. So yes, our default settings downgrade the assets.

While we work on overall graphical improvements, to make sure you run the game at the current highest graphic quality, you have to adjust the graphic settings as follows. To start, go into the Main Menu, then select ‘Options’ and go to ‘Graphics’, and make the adjustments as follows:

1. Quality settings: Set to custom
2. Shadows: Enable
3. Level of detail: Very High
4. HBAO+: Enable
5. Reflections: Enable
6. Anti-Aliasing: Enable
7. Shadow Distance: Very Far
8. Anisotropic Filtering: Enable
9. Better FPS over Graphics: Disable

If, you need more support on settings, please post your questions on this forum, we will try to help you as much as we can.

Note 2:
In the next few weeks, we will continue improving the graphics overall, but we will also optimize the game further to provide a better graphic quality to medium and low-end PC configurations.
We will adjust the LODS of our assets, work on ground textures, coloring and refinements of the ambient lighting. These visible improvements will be part of our regular updates and should address some of the issues players on the medium settings are experiencing.
Our final objective is for you to experience the highest graphic resolutions as possible with your configuration and it is certainly one of our main focus for the game. We will advise on this last objective once the steps above have been implemented.

2- Peeps animation (bugs!)

We have also noticed an important bug with our peep animation system that creates several issues. It unfortunately makes peeps sit through objects or not hold objects properly. I know some of you have reported those issues, thank you, they are now all logged. We agree with the community; this is an important issue that creates several visual bugs and it has our direct attention.

Please note it probably will take us some time and few updates before we can address all the glitches, due to the complexity of the issues and their relation to our peep ‘bones’… be reassured that we are actively working on it and we will update you with fixes as quickly as possible.

3- UGC Bug

We are currently investigating the issue some players are encountering accessing UGC. This is appearing infrequently – we will make sure it is fixed as soon as possible. Nvizzio developers and QA team is looking into the reproducible steps and solution to the problem. We will update you with more information as soon as we can.

4- 57% loading (Bug)

We are currently investigating this issue. Our team is trying to reproduce the bug and addressing the problem as soon as possible.

5- Next update
We are looking forward to next week’s update, where you will already be able to see bug fixes and improvements in the game.

Here is a list of cool new items that you will have:

• 1 new Flat Ride: The Typhoon
This Thrill Ride blends really well with our Adventure theme. We hope you and your peeps will really enjoy it. Give us your feedback!

• Flat parks
Community is divided on the maps of the sandbox mode, some love the deformed and staged terrain, others would like it flat. We decided to offer you both! This option will be available in the next update.

• Roofless Coaster Stations
UGC creators this is for you – we have noticed you want to create your own roofs and building styles. We will provide the base of our coaster station; this will give you the opportunity to dress it up like you want with your own building components!

• Important Placement Drop Update
This is a first update on the placement of scenery items in the park. The drop of object on the terrain will feel more natural, which improves usability. Can’t wait to hear what you think once you see the improvement.

Here is a list of things you can expect to be fixed:

• Peeps should sit properly on park benches. (First animation fix)
• AI crash when peeps are picked up
• Graphical fault with the Rings of Saturn
• Illuminating lights on Space Wars
• Park Ratings unlocks

Here is a list of improvements you can expect to be in next week’s release:

• Finance Screen updates
• Default Pricing Adjustments
• Coaster Cam rotation improvements
• Queues creation improvements
• Modifying terrain function producing an X instead of an invalid location notification

We will frequently keep you informed of all our future updates, improvements and bug fixes – Please continue being active in our forums, we value your feedback and suggestions, and thanks for working with us directly to shape the game in Early Access.

In particular, let us know about your graphical settings.

See you in the park!

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