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RCTW – Early Access dev blog #3 – Tips and Tricks!

Hello Tycoons,

First and foremost, thank you for being so active in our forums. We would like to give you some insight and visibility on features that could help you build your park!

Park Area -You can expand your park!

We have noticed some of you could not find our park expansion feature and feel like the park is too small… Let us reassure you, you can expand it and enjoy having a larger park!
Here is how you can expand your park (see reference below):

  1. Click on the ‘Modify Terrain’ Button
  2. Click on the ‘Park Expansion’ Button
  3. Click on the desired tiles to unlock a new area of your park

Don’t forget to be mindful of your wallet, unless you are playing with ‘Unlimited’ money in our Sandbox mode!

Grid – Yes, you can make straight paths!

Players are asking how to create straight paths; the best way is to use our Grid System! The grid will appear on your terrain once you activate the button on the main HUD or press the ‘’G’’ key on your keyboard.

There is currently a path edge cases that creates difficulties when items are connected to the very end of a path. This is being worked on. We will make sure to keep you updated on the improvements, so you won’t have as much invalid locations.

Simulation – Staff questions

On the Staff side, many of you have noticed we now have staff buildings! This means you are now managing groups of employees from buildings that can hold a maximum of 3 or 10 employees. Each employee you hire at a building increases the running cost, but each building also has its own upkeep. Employees are expensive, so be careful not to hire more than you need!


    will clean messes off your paths, it’s true, but they’re much more efficient at emptying trash cans and cleaning bathrooms.


    will inspect and repair your rides.


    will prevent peeps from losing patience in queues, and keep them waiting in line for longer.


    will attend to peeps who’ve been injured in ride accidents, or who have been too hungry, thirsty, or nauseous for too long. Remember, they can only work on peeps who are sitting down, so be sure to build enough benches!

All of our employees have energy that they spend to work, and they need to rest and recover after spending it all – so if you see them heading back to their building, they’re probably just taking a staff break.

In Early Access, we will continue balancing and improving those systems. Please continue sharing your thoughts and feedback. We improve and balance the simulation frequently.

We’ve heard your comments on Staff as well! In future updates, we are considering adding the following options:

  1. “Focus Areas”, RCTW’s version of Patrol Paths – set a spot for each employee to focus on, and they’ll make certain that region is clean first before heading elsewhere.
  2. An Administrative Building, which would allow you to implement Employee Training programs to improve their efficiency.
  3. Employee Break Rooms, where your employees can rest without going all the way back to their building.
  4. We are also investigating ways to better show you what areas your staff are and are not covering well.

On an end note, we are still working very hard on everything mentioned yesterday and on the next week update.

Keep on sharing your feedback, and keep submitting to us your awesome parks!

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atariAdminRCTW – Early Access dev blog #3 – Tips and Tricks!