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RCTW – Early Access – Dev Blog #4 – The First Update is Now Live!

Hello Tycoons,

We’ve received a ton of feedback, seen some awesome coasters being made, and are excited by the amazing UGC that has been created.

That said, it is time for our first major update. The focus was on fixing a number of critical bugs, adding new content, further balancing the simulation, and of course, the first set of graphical improvements. Our plan is to gradually improve the visual quality of the game (throughout the Early Access program and beyond), while trying to maintain a balance between visual quality and performance. We are upgrading to a newer version of Unity, so that we don’t degrade performance as we up-res the art. This overall plan will take us time to do but you will see gradual improvements (where we balance performance vs graphics) over the next few weeks and months while we do (the first of which you see today). This is only the first stage of these graphical improvements.


  1. Graphic Quality:We’ve spent a bunch of time reading your feedback and seeing what are the immediate fixes we can make and what requires our engine upgrade to be done. In short term we were able to do a ton of work to lighting, shaders, and terrain texture resulting in:
    • Refinement of the ambient lighting.
    • New bounce light to the Sky Dome.
    • Updated ground textures of the Forest map
    • Increased texture quality and color correction of bushes and flowers
    • Increased the texture quality on the wooden coaster station (testing this out before we roll it out elsewhere)

    These images illustrate some of the graphics work we have done from the Early Access Launch Version to today’s update. You will see more in the coming weeks but please adjust your graphic settings accordingly to ensure the right balance of performance vs graphics for you.

    This is a small but important first step towards many future graphic updates. Please continue sending your feedback so we can address any concerns or questions as quickly as possible. Our plan is to test out improvements in phases, note performance, and make tweaks as we go based on your feedback.

    Important Note – Player Settings File Reset
    Due to the work we did on the graphics for this build, we had to reset all “Player Settings” files. We elected to make the new default “Very High” with this reset whereas before it was defaulting to a much lower quality. This means that players who are seeing performance issues should go back and lower their graphical quality to account for this.


  2. Simulation:The simulation needs some love and we gave it a bunch! Our designers have been hard at work reading your suggestions and, as a first update, you will see improvements in the following areas:
    • Peeps should generate less nausea on rides
    • Janitors should be quicker at cleaning up messes
    • Mechanics should be quicker at fixing rides
    • Medics should be quicker at healing peeps
    • Entertainers should be able to entertain peeps for longer
  3. Building ToolsOver the last week, we have improved our building experience and based on your feedback you will see key improvements in the following areas:
    • Improvement on the placement drop of scenery items – specifically this was done to make Piece by Piece building with UGC easier and more precise
    • Implementation of the cap placement for beginning/end of the curve path
    • Improvement of the rounding radius for Larger Paths
    • Improvement on queue paths making it easier to connect queues to elevated rides

    We have also read your requests to implement a new bulldoze tool that will allow users to delete more items at a time. Please know, that we are currently working on a design for this improvement and it will be part of a future update.

  4. AnimationWe are working intensively on animation bugs. Like we mentioned previously, we will need a few updates to address all the issues. Yes, we know peeps hover above seats on certain rides or simply don’t sit correctly – we are fixing this. In this version, you will see:
    • Peeps sitting correctly on benches and at picnic tables, we have fixed this.


In today’s version of the game, we’ve provided you with the base of our coaster station. This is for our UGC lovers. This roofless base will give you the opportunity to create a different look and feel for your stations. Be creative, we can’t wait to see what you will come up with!

  • Coaster station with no roof – looks a bit more realistic but more importantly – lets you build UGC around and on it to make your own!

Last week, many players requested flat parks in Sandbox Mode and we heard you! This update provides you with the option of a flat terrain on all maps. You can access the flat terrain by clicking: You can access the flat terrain by clicking: ‘’Flat Land‘’ next to unlimited money in sandbox mode.

  • Click sandbox mode – see that we have added a new button to have a flat map! Not everyone likes trees, lakes, and hills everywhere so we made it easier for you to start with a fresh slate.


We know there are a lot of issues as per your reports but there are two that truly standout as blocking core functionality. We have not been able to fix these just yet but know we are working on them.


        Due to the help and support of the community, we were able to pin point the cause of the bug causing UGC content to not download. We are actively working on a solution and should have a fix for you very soon in an upcoming patch.

ISSUE 2:57% BUG:

        We know a few of you are experiencing issues with loading into the game and getting stuck at 57%. We are looking into this issue as well and testing special beta patches with certain users. As soon as we resolve the issue we will put out a hotfix or specific instructions to fix it.

NOTE: Please note that at the moment, per our minimum specs, we only fully support users with Dedicated Graphics Cards.

      • POTENTIAL FIX: PLEASE UPDATE YOUR GRAPHIC DRIVERS – While this won’t be a fix for everyone, we know that updating your graphics drivers to the latest version does in fact resolve it for a sizable portion of affected users – please check this while we continue to look into the issue.


Here is a partial list of what was fixed highlighting some of the bigger bug fixes. There are a bunch more fixes as well that you will find and we will work on being able to expose longer bug lists in the future.

  • Ingame – Cannot connect some plazas with paths
  • In Game – Paths & Queues – User is unable to connect large path from the center of the entrance building.
  • Fix mechanic node position
  • Scenario 3 – All Peeps getting in the park for free
  • In Game – There is a gap between entrance building and the boundary fence.
  • In Game – Coaster – A twisted track appears at the end of ‘Specialty Pieces’.
  • In Game – Observation Tower – Lights of the posts does not illuminate at night.
  • Preview image for the Sand Texture A, Sand Texture B, Sand Texture C and Sand Texture D are missing for the map ‘Dusty Dunes’.
  • The entrance path does not change to the ‘Ghost Path’ if user connects more number of path to the entrance.
  • Update collision boxes for queue connections
  • The entrance path does not change to the ‘Ghost Path’ if user connects more number of path to the entrance.
  • Adding Bounce Light to Sky Dome
  • Roofless Coaster Stations Integrated
  • In Game – Paths & Queues – User is unable to connect large path from the center of the entrance building.
  • NullReferenceException when using the ride cam of custom coaster in the build tab menu
  • Default Graphic Quality Settings on High
  • Peeps sitting correctly on benches and at picnic tables
  • Ground Textures in Forest Map
  • Trees, flowers and bushes texture quality increased
  • Wooden Coaster Station texture quality increased.


Early Access is an exciting time! We have a ton more features, content, and bug updates to go to make this game all it needs to be. Every time we do an update its designed to take your feedback into account, future features, and of course to fix bugs. Sometimes we may even create new bugs – if we do be sure to let us know on our forums!

We are already working hard on our next major update. Our focus, among many other things, will be on the following:

  • Bug fixing:
    • General bug fixing – all the things you have reported plus what’s on our lists
    • Special Attention: Animations and Peeps Disappearing from Coasters as well as a number of additional bugs reported by you. Please continue to go to our forums and report bugs so we can make sure to add them to our trackers for future updates!
  • Improvements
    • Additional Graphic improvements
    • More reduction in lateral g’s from banking your curves
    • Updating pre-made coasters
    • EIN (excitement/intensity/nausea) number improvements and balance tweaks
    • Realistic track friction (note, once we implement this it will mean some of your coasters may not work anymore and you will need to tweak them – stay tuned)
    • Refining and balancing current Scenarios and Campaign Modes
  • New Stuff:
    • New Flatride: The Typhoon! We wanted this ready for today’s update but it needs some more love so we plan to do a small patch before our next major update with it! Stay tuned!

Here is a sneak peak at the new Typhoon flatride coming soon! It’s a bit crazier than some of our more standard rides!

Early Access affords us the opportunity to constantly update the game, try out new ideas, and gain additional insights and feedback from you. Our forums been abuzz with all kinds of awesome ideas and we have been working on our short, mid, and long term plans to try and fit them all in.

Again, thank you for sending suggestions and points for improvement. We are reading all your comments and working hard on improving the game in order to provide you with the best experience possible. Please continue to let us know what you think of the new items and improvements in the game. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

See you in the park!

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