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RCTW – Post-Release Update #10: Auto-Save!

Hello Tycoons,

We are very excited to announce our new update, which is now LIVE!

For this update, we have implemented a handy auto-save function. This new feature will be very useful for all Tycoons out there, especially those of you using PxP. Auto-save can be turned on or off via the Options menu.

As always, our development team remains committed to improving RollerCoaster Tycoon World. In addition to auto-save, we have made other fixes to further improve your overall game experience. Further details can be found below.

Thanks for playing!

Build ID: 3101935

  • Crash – Fixed crash when saving a blueprint.
  • Crash – Fixed a crash at 100% park loading screen when a saved blueprint can’t be loaded.
  • Crash – Fixed a crash for terrain painting at the edge of the park area.
  • General – Added auto-save functionality.
  • General – Added option to turn on/off auto-save.
  • General – Added option to set auto-save interval.
atariAdminRCTW – Post-Release Update #10: Auto-Save!