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RCTW – Blog #15 – Post Gamescom Recap and Feature List Updates

The team is back from Gamescom and we are busier than ever so it’s time for a quick recap of recent events! As many of you have seen, press is being published from our interviews at the show and we are happy to see everyone enjoyed the game as much as we do. It was fun to see how excited the media were when they first saw the coaster builder or when we zoomed in some of our flat rides, showing the great attention to detail that is being given to each ride. What was also very clear was how much everyone loves the franchise and how RCTW invoked those same feelings they had playing the game many years ago – exactly what we had hoped would happen.

At the same time we invited the press to join us at PAX Prime in Seattle where we will be showing even more of the game! These giant steps forward in production are possible due to the extremely hard working team at Nvizzio. Everyone is in overdrive and the game is really coming together. And to reassure you of the game’s visual quality, here are two new screenshots taken today on a powerhouse computer with a high-end graphics card at 4K resolution. No doctoring!

Wood Station Internal

Wood Station Internal

WoodStation External

Wood Station External

With all of the Gamescom announcements we made to press, it meant that it was also time to update the official RCT Website and Steam page. Some fans noticed that this was done last night and indeed there is a new fact sheet of features that comes with; I am providing that feature list below.

Please additionally note that indeed multiplayer is not listed. This will be released as a free update post-launch due to our focus on creating a robust set of UGC tools for release – which promises to be awesome.


Powerful Building Tools:

  • Freeform Object Placement: Control and place every single in-game object anywhere on the map at any angle. For our more casual users we are also providing ‘snap-to’ and ‘brush’ placement functionality to make this enhancement easy to use.
  • Curved Paths: Select your unique type of path from a variety of widths, styles, and shapes. You can make them straight or, for the first time in the franchise, curve them at almost any angle!
  • Innovative 3D Track Editor: Create the coolest and wildest coasters imaginable with our best track editor ever! For the first time, using our spline based editor, tracks can be fully manipulated in 3D allowing you to create any shape you can dream up.
  • Fully Deformable Terrain and Water: Build amazing rides and change your park’s landscape in full 3D with completely deformable terrain and water.
  • Expansive Selection of In-Game Objects: Entertain your park guests with many different types of coasters and rides all in eye-popping next generation resolution. Choose from pre-made rides and coasters to scenery and shops.

Expansive Customization Support:

  • UGC Tools: For the first time, you will be able to create your own scenery, peeps and more in any 3D editing program that works with Unity and import it into the game for everyone to use!
  • Multiple Maps and Themes: Choose from different environments and theme options to make each map unique.

Fully Realized Next-Generation Simulation:

  • Detailed Park Management Tools: Run a successful theme park with the beautifully crafted User Interface that provides easy access to all of your park management tools. From park finances to the thoughts of your guests, everything is at your fingertips including new features – heat maps and tips.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Play the way you want in Sandbox mode, or complete varying challenges and quests in Scenario and Campaign modes.
  • Responsive Environments + Guests: Create themed zones in your park! Placing different themed rides and objects will affect not only ratings but increase its attractiveness to certain peeps.
  • Advanced Physics Calculations: The coasters in RCTW use a more complex physics simulation than any previous game in the franchise. This allows for amazing designs and a lifelike riding experience. Build a coaster that stays perfectly on its tracks or teeters on the brink of disaster; just be careful or your coaster may jump the rails!
  • Ride Every Coaster: Hop into the front seat of a coaster and ride what you made yourself!
  • Innovative Services: Manage your park’s medical, janitorial, entertainment and mechanical needs with the re-designed, simple-yet-powerful services system.

Native Sharing and Social Features:

  • Social Media Integration: Share all your cool creations and designs with your friends straight from within the game!
  • Freeform Cameras: Take a video at any angle; edit your park above, below, or next to a ride. Prefer an isometric view? We have that too!
  • Friend’s Lists and Stat Comparisons: See what your Steam and Social friends are up to in their games from within yours! It’s easy to see someone’s latest coaster or when they last edited their park.
  • Visit a Friend: Check out a friend’s park with a simple click! Chat with them and give them suggestions on what to do next while you’re there.
  • Native Steam Workshop Support: Native Steam Workshop support is built right in the game! The interface has been simplified and centralized to make it easy for anyone from casual to hardcore to use. Custom scenery, blueprinted coasters, parks and more can be easily and seamlessly shared from within the game.  UGC has been designed to be accessible and easy to use for everyone.

With the show now over, our attention has shifted entirely to PAX. As soon as we can we will update everyone via a blog on what to expect. We appreciate your support and thanks again to all of the press who wrote the great previews of the game from Gamescom!

Until next time,
Executive Producer of RCTW

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